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A woman who is confident, exuberant and worldly is personified at CARMEN - YoungNetwork Group’s creative agency in Portugal. Ambitious and inspiring, it is through creativity that she develops those passions she feels so strongly about. We transform briefings into stories and ideas into works of art. Even when the day is only 24 hours long (which is such a shame!). At CARMEN, the 360º perspective is our way of life, we live things in an integrated way and think as a group – what is inside moves outward and what is outside moves inward. And quite often we are only outward-looking. We have one foot firmly established in Lisbon but the other one may stray anywhere in the world, and on any given day we may dash off to any of the four corners of the globe, taking with us our dance of energy and grace as we balance a basket of fruit on our heads. That’s who we are – human, multi-tasking, flexible, determined, original, energetic, and full of vitamins. As expected.
For us ‘discipline’ is not something reserved for pupils at school. It means expertise, exploring and dominating the fantastic world of semantics and semiotics. We create what brands want through:
  • Advertising
  • Design
  • Branding
  • Brand Activation
how do we work.
CARMEN has the will and desire to grab hold of a challenge and to achieve, with the energy and talent to generate big ideas and the extraordinary determination to execute them. Our clients’ satisfaction and achieving the results they want is our true business and the reason behind our contagious level of joy.
“We are like a swift boat on an oil tanker. Our flexibility, involvement, enthusiasm, and service offerings are what distinguishes us from the rest of the market. We take an opportunity and turn it into a real moment. I’m proud to be leading a team that is all in-synch and that does not impose any limits to.” Ana Luísa Paiva, Director at CARMEN

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